Learn from luminary physicians at a Racz Lab. Gain hands-on experience, learn the nuances, and safety protocols of Pain Medicine techniques. Engage and network with fellow physicians. Get vital reimbursement lectures and practice management insights. Join us for unparalleled education in interventional pain medicine.


Unlock your full potential in Interventional Pain Medicine at the Racz Library. Discover comprehensive education and training by Dr. Gabor B. Racz. Enhance your skills with lectures, videos, case studies, and interactive modules. Learn from luminary physicians and gain expertise in cervical and thoracic pain management. Elevate your practice with comprehensive online education.

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Take your training to a higher level and connect with a Racz Certified Trainer. Browse our international database to find the perfect match and receive 1-on-1 training in person. Unlock your full potential with expert guidance and take your practice to the next level.

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